SMPS 2010   5th Int. Conf. on Soft Methods in Probability and Statistics  

Uni Oviedo



Paper Submission

Papers of 5-8 pages in the format described below can be submitted electronically (in portable document format, PDF) until Monday, February 1, 2010, through the

Conference Management System ConfTool

Note that in order to submit a paper you first have to create a conference account. Note also that we will not accept papers that are submitted by email. All papers have to be submitted through the conference management system.

If you want to submit only an abstract (of about 200 words), without an accompanying paper to be published in the conference proceedings, please use the above conference management system as well. Simply type the abstract directly into the corresponding text field for a paper submission, but do not upload a paper.

Note that when you follow the above link, your browser may tell you that the connection (which is a secure HTTP connection as can be seen from the "https://" at the beginning of the URL) is untrusted or that it cannot verify the associated certificate. The reason is that we do not have the money to purchase a real certificate from an independent certificate authority (like Verisign, DigiCert, Globalsign, etc.). In order to circumvent this problem, one of the servers at the ECSC issues a certificate for the one ConfTool is hosted on to satisfy the certificate requirement. Naturally, this certificate cannot be verified by your browser (because it does not recognize the ECSC as a trusted certificate authority) and hence it tells you so or that the connection is untrusted. In order to connect, please add an exception in your browser and accept the certificate that is offered. After that you will be able to create an account in the ConfTool system and to submit your paper.

Author Instructions

An archive with author instructions, LaTeX (svmult.cls) and BibTeX (spbasic.bst) style files as well as a LaTeX template:

Note that it is mandatory to use this LaTeX template at least for the final submissions. That is, submissions for review may be in a different format, but must be changed to this format (in LaTeX) for the final submission.

Final papers are restricted to a maximum of 8 pages. Additional pages may be bought at a price of 60 Euros per page.