COST Action IC0702 Summer Course 2009





Participants from COST Action IC0702:     free
Registered participants of IFSA/EUSFLAT 2009:     200 Euro
All other participants:     250 Euro

There is currently no limit on the participants. Anyone who registers can attend the course. However, not everyone will receive a grant (see below).


The Cost Action IC0702: SoftStat offers a certain number of grants for attending this summer course.

Grants can be given only to people coming from an institution in a COST member state (and only these states can be selected on the registration form). In addition, only early stage researchers (post-graduate students, Ph.D. students, and postdocs who obtained their Ph.D. less than 10 years ago) are eligible for grants, and they will have to prove this status.

The grants will be paid after the summer course and, of course, only if the summer course is actually attended.

The grants will consist of a flat rate payment; no receipts are required. Unfortunately, however, due to budget reasons, the number of grants and the amount of money granted will be known only very shortly before or even only after the summer course. As a consequence, you should be prepared to be able to attend the course even if you do not receive a grant.

If we receive more applications for grants than we can satisfy, people from institutions that are actively participating in the COST Action IC0702: SoftStat will be preferred (because this COST Action organizes this summer course). In addition, people working in the area covered by the summer course (as indicated by the research topics in the registration form) will be given preference, since they will likely profit more from the course.

Early stage researchers from COST member countries that do not actively participate in COST Action IC0702 may also be awarded a waiver of the course fee as a partial grant. However, whether, and if yes, how many such partial grants can be awarded depends on budget issues, which cannot be resolved before the summer course.