COST Action IC0702 Summer Course 2009





Time Friday, July 17, 2009 Saturday, July 18, 2009
Room VA1 Room VA1
08:45-09:00 Welcome and Introduction
09:00-11:00 Fuzzy and Probabilistic Clustering
Christian Borgelt
Robust Statistics
Frank Klawonn
11:00-11:15 Coffee Break
11:15-13:15 Feature Selection
Michel Verleysen
Fuzzy Data in Statistics:
Formalization and Main Problems

Gil González-Rodríguez
13:15-15:00 Lunch Break
15:00-17:00 An Axiomatic Approach to the Notion of Rational Preference Structures
Bernd Reusch
Artificial Neural Networks
Christian Borgelt

Monday, July 20, 2009
Time Session A Session B
Room VA1 Room VA2
09:00-12:00 Fuzzy Modeling:
Fundamentals, Design and Challenges

Witold Pedrycz
A Unified View of
Uncertainty Theories

Didier Dubois
12:00-14:00 Lunch Break
14:00-17:00 Soft Computing
for Sensor and Algorithm Fusion

James M. Keller
Introduction to Fuzzy Networks
Alexander Gegov, Nedyalko Petrov
Time Session C
Room VA3
09:00-12:00 Visual Clustering Methods
James C. Bezdek